Israel the First to Require Mobile Phone Warning Labels

The Knesset, Israel parliament, recently approved a bill requiring all cell-phones to carry a warning when sold. The Israeli government is one of the first to officially acknowledge the possible dangers of cell-phone use. Considering the volume and increasing urgency of recent studies, others are sure to follow.
The bill, passed in March 2012, also makes it illegal for cell-phone retailers to advertise to children. The warning reads Warning the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.
Knesset member Dov Khenin called the bill a significant step forward in the fight to bring awareness of the possible dangers of cell-phone use to the public. Given the worrying results of recent Israeli and international studies, he said, it becomes the government responsibility to make its citizens aware of the possible risks.
Mobile technology is one of the leading industries in Israel economy. The Pentium MMX computer chip was invented by scientists at Intel in Israel.