Cellsafe High Impact Heavy Duty Case for iPhone 5 & 5S* Patented Technology -Reduce radiation absorption by 87.6%*

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Cellsafe High Impact Heavy Duty Case for iPhone 5/5S – Perfect for ‘Tradies’ & Children


Designed to significantly reduce your mobile phone radiation exposure by up to 87.6%. Shield your phone from DUST, DIRT, WIND, MOISTURE* and VIBRATION.

Cellsafe’s patented design of a directional passive antenna embedded inside the specially formulated polycarbonate compound with a blend of natural mineral particles. These particles interact with the phones antenna, redirecting the transmitted RF signal away from the users head and out through to the back of the phone

  • Shock, Rain drop* and sand resistant.
  • Integrated screen protection.Note:*whith screen on,the finger tip function on 5S will not function..
  • Hinged port seals out the elements.
  • Detachable multi position belt clip.

Features & Specifications

  • Port covers keep out debris and dust.
  • Three layer design is perfectly fitted to your Apple iPhone 5 / 5S.
  • Robust silicone outer layer is durable and absorbs impact force
  • Precision design ensures all your phones features and functions are accessible with the case on.
  • Built-in screen protector – simplifies installation, protects from scratches and is easy to clean.
  • Detachable ,multi-position belt clip belt can be removed, when rotated can be used as a desktop stand.

 The Cellsafe High Impact Heavy Duty case is water resistant only, we strongly advise against submersing the case in water and make no guarantee or warranty as to the level of water resistance offered by this product.

** With screen on, the fingerprints security feature with 5S will not function.

Please exercise care when releasing the belt clip from the desk stand position.  To release the clip, place upward pressure on the plastic lip which protrudes from the rectangular window at the top of the hinge.  Applying downward force to close the belt clip can result in breaking the pin.


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Australian radiation expert Dr. Don Maisch recommends the use of Cellsafe products to significantly reduce the SAR directed into the heads of mobile phone users. read more…

Cellsafe used by world leading Australian brain surgeon Dr. Gautam (Vini) Khurana and promoted on his website. visit site…

Radiation deflecting cases for iPhone 5/5S

The world of mobile telecommunications is quickly evolving. The iPhone 5 was one of the most anticipated releases in technology, bringing Apple lovers to their knees with its upgraded features and stylised functionality. Complete your iPhone purchase with a protective cover from Cellsafe. More than just a buffer against drops and spills, all iPhone 5 cases from Cellsafe actively divert radiation away from the head and sensitive brain tissue of the user.

For the only anti-radiation iPhone 5 phone cases scientifically tested by accredited laboratories and proven to reduce mobile phone radiation, shop online at Cellsafe today. Offering delivery across Australia you will have the most stylish iPhone 5 case available!

If ordering more than one colour, please select the colours one at a time and click ADD TO CART.  Wait a moment for the page to load then click CONTINUE SHOPPING to make your next selection.

There are a number of products including mobile phone shields in the market today that claim to reduce mobile phone radiation. The ARPANSA advises consumers to avoid such products. While many simply don’t work, others actually block the radiation your devices need in order to communicate with cell phone towers. Unfortunately when shields block radiation, mobile devices work even harder to communicate. Cellsafe technology, on the other hand, doesn’t block radiation; it simply redirects it away from your head and body.

iPhone user manual  – safe distance to keep the phone away from the body

The following is an exert from page 6 of the iPhone 4 Product Information guide highlights the dangers of mobile phone radiation, a full version of which you can download from here.

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