Is there an increased risk to children?

Its common to see a small child playing with a smartphone or tablet. Considering the alarming studies on possible dangers from mobile phones, do children face a bigger risk than adults in an environment saturated with wireless signals?
The basis of the health risk posed by mobile phones is twofold. One is the disruption of our bodies natural electromagnetic field which is essential to our health. The other is the effects of even low-level radiation on water, which compose a minimum of 55% the body.
The second should be of grave concern to parents. Why? Simply put, children have more water in their bodies. Your baby body starts out at around 74% water, he matures and that percentage drops down to around 60%. Children are at much higher risk simply due to them having more water in their bodies.
There are two additional factors which suggest that children face an increased danger from mobile phone radiation; relative to adults a child skull has a much smaller circumference and, is much thinner. The smaller circumference is an issue because it means more of the child head will be bombarded by this radiation. The thinness of their skulls means more of the radiation will get through.
What is clear is that our children are much more likely to be affected if the recent studies about possible dangers from mobile phone radiation are accurate.
Parents looking to reduce their children exposure to radiation have some options. To start with limit your children use of mobile phones as much as possible and if you have older kids with mobile phones of their own, encourage them to use headphones when speaking. The next step is to get some Bodywell chips, and stick them on your family phones.
The Bodywellâ„¢ chip was engineered by a team of international scientists to counteract the radiation emitted by wireless devices. Easy to use and based on real science, its the best way to reduce your family exposure to mobile phone radiation.